GUMMETA (a.k.a. Dakki, Budike)

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GUMMETA (a.k.a. dakki, budike)


Gummeta (a.k.a. dakki, budike), is drum used in the folk music of South India.

It may be used in a variety of situations. A smaller version is commonly used is in Andhra Pradesh. Here it is an important musical accompaniment in the in the bura katha folk song / folk story telling tradition. A slightly larger version is used in Goa and Karnatica. Here it used as part of religious celebrations.

It is of the same class of instruments as the tumbak of Kashmir or the middle eastern dumbek, or darbuka. However it is not at all clear whether there was some evolutionary link, or whether it represents and independent development.

It is hung around the neck and played with both hands. It is typically struck with the right hand while the left hand alternately opens and closes the the opening at the small side. Occasionally both hands will be used to play the playing surface.


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