Amrit (SS1001) is a CD of traditional North Indian vocal.  It is 44 minutes in length. It contains Chandrakantha Courtney on vocal, David Courtney on tabla, and numerous other artists.  The song list is:


  1. Kheyal in Maru Bihag -
  2. Tumak Chalat Ram Chandra (Bhajan) -
  3. Chando Langar (Bhajan) -
  4. Tilana (Tarana) -
  5. Tu Dayal (Bhajan) -
  6. Sri Ram Chandra (Bhajan in Ragmala) -


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The artists on this CD are: Chandrakantha Courtney (vocal), David Courtney (tabla), Narendra Sanghavi (harmonium), Rucha Sheth (chorus), Anuradha Kulkarni (chorus), Siraj Parmer (chorus), Dattatraya (bansuri), Robert Goldman (bansuri), Madhu Pasham (sitar), Krishna (misc. percussion), Manoj Kumar (harmonium, violin), Brandon Smith (bass guitar), A. Vimla Murali (rudra vina).



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