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Kavita o Kavita - cd

UPC - 674425111629

Kavita o Kavita is a CD of songs based upon the lyrics of the late Sri Sri.  Sri Sri (Srirangam Srinivas Rao) was a very famous poet who set new paths in Telugu literature, influenced a large number of writers and inspired thousands of social activists.  His themes revolved around the exploitation of the worker and the upliftment of the poor.

The song list is:


  1. Introduction - listen
  2. Kavita o Kavita (section 1) - listen
  3. Kavita o Kavita (section 2) - listen
  4. Kavita o Kavita (section 3) - listen
  5. Kavita o Kavita (section 4) - listen
  6. Kavita o Kavita (section 5) - listen
  7. Kavita o Kavita (section 6) - listen
  8. Nijamgane - listen
  9. Jayabheri - listen
  10. Nava Kavitaa - listen
  11. Tom Tom - listen
  12. Bikshu Varshiyashi - listen


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The artists on this CD are: Chandrakantha Courtney (vocal, sitar), Sri Sri (recitation), David Courtney (santur, mridangam, tabla), Brian Dillon (guitar), Tom Skelly (sitar), Shankar Bhatacharyya (sarod), Ellen Raghavan (sarod)

This is an enhanced audio CD. As well as being able to be played in a normal CD player, it has additional info, as well as MP3s that you can port directly to your MPs player


Many of these same songs are available in cassette



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