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This two-CD set of Tintal laharas (nagma) can make any ordinary "boom-box" function like a lahara box.  These CDs have two important advantages over the various electronic lahara boxes in the market. First of all they cost much less; secondly the sound is natural and more pleasant.  Tintal Lahara CDs are available in 4 keys; A, A#, C#, and G, so it is important to SPECIFY THE PITCH when ordering.  There are five tracks per CD and two CDs per set.  Each track is 15 min. in length.  The cost is $19.95.



Disk 1- - Total Playing Time = Approx. 75 min

Track    Title                     Beats per Min.    Time
1. Rag Desh 50 BPM approx. 15 min.
2. Rag Desh 60 BPM approx. 15 min.
3. Rag Desh 70 BPM approx. 15 min.
4. Rag Pilu 85 BPM approx. 15 min.
5. Rag Pilu 100 BPM approx. 15 min.

Disk 2 - Total Playing Time = Approx. 75 min

Track    Title                     Beats per Min.    Time
1. Rag Pilu 120 BPM approx. 15 min.
2. Rag Pilu 140 BPM approx. 15 min.
3. Rag Pilu 170 BPM approx. 15 min.
4. Rag Khambavati 200 BPM approx. 15 min.
5. Rag Khambavati 240 BPM approx. 15 min.



This Tintal Lahara CD set is available in four keys; C#, G, A, and A#.  We will describe the way to tell what key is appropriate for you.

The Simple Process - Just order a C# Laharas.  The vast majority of tablas sold are made to work in this pitch.  The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will retune your tabla.

The Detailed Process - For those who are extremely particular, here are the details of the laharas and how to choose the key that best suits you.  The laharas and their keys have been chosen so that a tabla of any key will fall upon either Sa, Pa, Shuddha-Ma, or Shuddha-Ga.  These notes are present in all laharas.  Therefore, if your tabla is tuned to international pich, you need not retune your tabla just to fit the lahara.  There is definitely a lahara to accommodate your tabla.  The table below lists the keys of the laharas and the tablas for which they are appropriate.

Key of:    Appropriate for Tablas in the key of:
C# C#(Sa), G#(Pa), F#(Shuddha-Ma), F(Shuddha Ga)
G G(Sa), D(Pa), C(Shuddha Ma), B(Shuddha Ga)
A A(Sa), E(Pa), D(Shuddha Ma), C#(shuddha Ga)
A# A#(Sa), F(Pa), D#(Shuddha Ma), D(Shuddha Ga)

The same information may be expressed in a different way.  The table below lists the pitch of the tabla and is cross referenced to the appropriate lahara(s).

Pitch of Tabla       Recommended Lahera CD
C (White-One) G(good)
C# (Black-One) C#(excellent), A(good)
D (White-Two) G(excellent), A(good), A#(good),
D# (Black-Two) A#(good)
E (White-Three) A(excellent)
F (White-Four) A#(excellent), C#(good)
F# (Black-Three) C#(good)
G (White-Five) G(excellent)
G# (Black-Four) C#(excellent)
A (White-Six) A(excellent)
A# (Black-Five) A#(excellent)
B (White-Seven) G(good)




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