Sacred Sounds of Meditation and Yoga

UPC - 674425111520

This beautiful fusion of Eastern and Western influences creates a feeling of peace and quiet inspiration.  Designed artistically and technically for the purpose of meditation and relaxation, it is perfect for use while clearing the mind, chanting, performing asanas, and simply to enjoy.  This CD masterfully blends the time-tested power of Vedic hymns and ragas with sounds of nature into a tapestry of sacred music that will guide you through 46 minutes of uninterrupted meditation.  The time will go by quickly as you enjoy an ensemble of natural, Western and traditional Indian sounds of tanpura, sitar, flute, and tabla.  For your added benefit, a list of the shlokas used and their translations are included inside.

This music is especially written to be a single unbroken piece.  However, it does have various movements.  Here is a list of the movements.

00:00    Start
02:50    Aum Sri Vakra Tunda
03:30    Saxophone Solo in Raga Bhairav
06:15    Ocean Ambiance
07:30    Aum
09:30    Organ Solo in Rag Kedar / Shantakaram
12:30    Guitar performance in Rag Bhairagi Bhairav / Gurur Brahma - Gurur Vishnu
13:00    Refrain in Raga Bhairagi Bhairav
14:30    Aum
17:15    Sitar Solo in Raga Kirvani
18:30    Aum Bhoor Bhuvah Swaha
19:45    Sitar Solo in Rag Kirvani (continuation)
21:45    Gat in Raga Kirvani
25:00    Krishna Maha-Mantra
27:00    Bass Solo in Raga Bhairagi Bhairav
27:45    Sarve Bhavantu
29:00    Bass Solo in Raga Bhairagi Bhairav (continuation)
29:30    Refrain in Raga Bhairagi Bhairav
31:00    "Midnight in Kashi" (bansuri and guitar)
33:00    Flowing Water Ambiance
34:30    Aum
35:45    Asato Maa
37:30    Mookam Karoti
38:30    Aum
39:00    "At the Water-well" (sax, bass, keyboard)
41:30    Flowing Water Ambiance
42:30    Refrain in Raga Bhairagi Bhairav / Om-Dyauhu (finale)
44:00    Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi
45:00    Ocean ambiance (epilog)
46:02    End



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