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GET MORE FUNDING - It is always difficult to get funding from school boards, cultural arts councils or government bodies.  This seems strange because there is a large amount of money earmarked for cultural activities.  Anything which will enhance ones status is a major advantage in today's competitive funding environment.

One of the major factors is multicultural programming.  If you are a mainstream organization you are at a disadvantage if you do not provide some ethnically diverse programs.  Our workshops are one way in which you can do this.  Whenever you come up for review, whether it is at the end of the school year, or the next time that you apply for a grant, if you have shown Indian music workshops it looks very good on your record.  This indicates a culturally diverse approach to your institution's operations.

CREATE A SENSE OF CULTURE - The Indian community in the United States is running into its second, third, and even fourth generation.  Many of the younger generation have never even been to India.  All too often the only contact with Indian culture is the vulgar and distorted images which vomit forth from the screens of satellite and cable TV.

The workshops offer a glimpse into the richness of Indian culture.  Not only does one learn the mechanics of the music but one comes into contact with the history, language, and lore of South Asia.

PERFORM BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS - How many times have you seen someone up on stage and thought to yourself, "I wish I could do that".  Maybe you can. The longer workshops are a cornerstone for a proper musical training.  Many of our students have produced cassettes, and CDs and made numerous stage performances.

ABOUT THESE WORKSHOPS - These workshops come in a variety of forms.

We have workshops in the Houston area under the auspices of "Young Audiences". There are two workshops.  One of which is called "North Indian Melody".  In this workshop David and Chandrakantha introduce the basics of rag (the melodic forms).  The students are also introduced to instruments such as the sitar, harmonium and the tanpura.  Another workshop is entitled "Rhythms and Percussion of North India".  This workshop gives a hands on experience with the basic rhythmic forms of India.  Students are acquainted with the concepts of Bol (mnemonic syllables), clapping patterns and a brief introduction to the tabla.  For more information check out "Young Audiences of Houston".

If you contact us directly we can customize workshops for your special needs.  It is normal for us to travel and spend weeks at a time holding workshops in various cities.  For these longer workshops the textbooks "Fundamentals of Tabla" or Elementary North Indian Vocal" are required.

If you have some special requirement, or would simply like more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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