Ananth T. Reddy M.D.

Ananth Reddy is a physician practicing Internal Medicine in Midland. Ananth came to the United States in 1976 and decided to learn tabla in 1993. He is a student of David Courtney, of Houston, TX. He lives with his wife Latha, (vocal student of Chandrakantha Courtney) in Midand, TX.

He spends much time analyzing the learning processes of older students, difficulties encountered by them and how to overcome these difficulties. He is always looking for ways to simplify the learning process because, he feels that learning tabla need not be as difficult as it is made to be!

Despite the effectiveness of the traditional verbal instruction of tabla he feels that, written and audio-visual material could positively enhance the learning process of all tabla students, especially those who live in the U.S. To Dr. Reddy the use of psycho-acoustics and other technological wonders to analyze the tabla and its strokes although incredible, appear to treat tabla playing more as a science than an art. Currently He is involved in writing a tabla primer (with a basic introduction to Indian Classical Music) aimed at the older beginner. Read selections here

Besides tabla, Ananth is interested in flute and is currently engaged in learning flute under Robert Goldman. He is a member of the Indian Classical Music Circle of Dallas and uses every opportunity to observe the masters of Indian Classical Musicians at work.

Ananth T. Reddy
Midland, Texas




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