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I've been involved in Indian Classical music ever since I met my wife Andleeb and came to know her father, Nagib Noormohamed. I listened intently to the Indian CDs that constantly played in the background at her home, and was most fascinated by the sounds of the percussion instruments.

After a brief inquiry, I discovered that Nagib was a brilliant tabla player, and I expressed to him an interest in learning this great instrument. Soon after that initial expression of interest, I found myself thrown headlong into one of David and Chandrakantha Courtney's music camps in July of 1994. That was my first official introduction to Classical Indian music, and to my extraordinary teachers, David and Chandrakantha.

Since that Summer, I have attended numerous camps and workshops of David and Chandrakantha's, including a brief trip to their home in Houston during the summer of 1995.

I currently reside in Plano, TX with my lovely wife Andleeb, and our son, Khalil.




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