Name: Bhavithra Amarnath
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance)
Address: 183C Rivervale Crescent, #04_243 Sengkang, Singapore-543183
Telephone: 66417897, 81501881
Misc. Info:Excellent teacher, Passion to teach dance

Name: Supriyo Banerjee
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Tabla
Address: Singapore
Telephone: +65 8504 5966
Misc. Info: I am the Tabla teacher at Syama and I also conduct home tuitions. Hailing from a musical family I received my tutelage from Tabla Maestro Pandit Ananda Gopal Bandhopadhya of the Benaras Gharana. I have performed in several countries and accompanied numerous acclaimed artists, including Ustad Rashid Khan. I was awarded a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India

Name: Jatinder Singh Bedi
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Tabla, Dhol, Gurbani Kirtan, Harmonium
Address: Blk 280 Toh Guan Road #16-207 Singapore 600280
Misc. Info: My teachers were my late Father Gandharva Ragi Amrik Singh Bedi Gwalior Gharana, the late Ustaad Bandhu Khan Sahib of Ajrarda Gharana. Presently I teach at the Centre For Arts (CFA) National University of Singapore and also on a freelance basis. Leader and member of the Sur Shringar Quartet NUS. Recepient of the Special Recognition Award NUS.

Name: Suman Bhattacharya
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Sitar
Address: Block 30, #03-36, Balam Road, Singapore 370030
Telephone: +65.9009.4260
Misc. Info: Website - http://suman-bhattacharya.webs.com. Teaching Sitar in Singapore. Represent the Imdadkhani Gharana of Sitar players, trained in Indian Classical Instrument - Sitar for about 30 years. Having been trained by Pt. Bimal Chatterjee (disciple of Late Pt. Kashinath Mukherjee and close associate of Late Ustad Vilayat Khan) and Pt. Kalyan Basu (disciple of Late Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan of Patiala Gharana), am a regular performer in All India Radio from Kolkata centre and have performed in many places both in India and abroad."

Name: Mou Bhattacharyya
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Rabindra Sangeet
Address: Singapore
Telephone: +65 9883 7065
Misc. Info: I am the Hindustani Vocal teacher at Syama and I also conduct home tuitions. I hold a Masters of Arts in Vocal Music from Rabindra Bharati University (First division with distinction). I was awarded a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India. I have also completed the Prabeshika / Sangeet Suchana and have a certificate from the Bhartiya Nandanik Parishad

Name: Sharmila C.H.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: #11-272, Blk-899/b, Woodlands drive-50, Singapore-731899.
Telephone: 9434 2669
Misc. Info: Professional Vocalist.Teaching vocal for all levels.Graded All India Radio Artist.

Name: Susanta Chowdhury
E-Mail: [email protected] & Hindustani Vocal
Field: Sitar
Address: Susanta Chowdhury (Sitar & Vocal Tutor) Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society : 2A, Starlight Road, Singapore-217755
Telephone: +65-81534467
Misc. Info: Teaching sitar and Hindustani Vocal in Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society since July 1999. Disciple of Prof. Shyamal Chattopadhya and Padmabhusan Pandit Debu Chaudhuri (senia Gharana), "A" graded artist of All India Radio Kolkata and M.A. in Music from Delhi University.

Name: Shabin Fernandez
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bollywood Dance for Kids and adults
Address: Singapore
Telephone: 96733239
Misc. Info: Bollywood dance for kids, teens and adults. Registered MOE instructor. Visit https://www.facebook.com/SSD5678 or https://shazschoolofdance.wordpress.com for more details.

Name: G. Manikantan
E-Mail: [email protected]yahoo.com.sg
Field: Violin
Address: Singapore
Telephone: 0065 97101124
Misc. Info: Solo violinist, accompaniment for classical concerts and playing for Indian dance, fushion Music and teaching violin in Singapore.

Name: Bhavesh Gumnani
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Dhol
Address: Singapore
Telephone: +65 8700 5750
Misc. Info: I am a Freelance dhol player and have been actively playing the dhol for the past 8 years. I have played in various events including birthday parties, engagement parties, wedding receptions and various other religious and cultural events. I have been frequently called overseas for destination weddings in places like Bali, Langkawi, Phuket, HongKong, Jakarta and for Club events in Banglore, Calcutta, Pune & Mumbai (India). I also conduct tuition on how to play the dhol. www.bgumnani.com

Name: Haritha Haridas
E-Mail: [email protected]gmail.com
Field: Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam
Address: Oxford Road, Singapore
Telephone: +65 90505240
Misc. Info: Disciple of Smt.Shyamala Surendran(Dharani School of Performing Arts, Kochi). Performed at various prestigious festivals and events in India like Konark Dance Festival, Karur Natiyanjali etc. Currently pursuing Masters of Fine Arts in Bharatanatyam at SASTRA University under the guidance of Dr.Padma Subrahmyam and her team. Also teaching Mohiniyattam at Kalapravaha - Home of Performing Arts, Singapore.

Name: Zubair Ilyas
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Keyboard, Harmonium, hindi & pakistani light classical Ghazal
Address: Block 360 .#02_350.woodlands ave 5 singapore, 730360
Telephone: 6597762922 / 6591229309
Misc. Info: Im professional keyboardist singer, related with big music directors of pakistan. like M ashraf, Master inayat hussain, Hassan lateef, also won pakistani Idol in 1994 as singer when i was 14 years old. I play harmonium too and sing classical ghazals and light classical. Looking for job in singapore Im married here. appreciate if any one help one artist

Name: Srinath Iyer
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Violin & Vocal
Address: Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, Singapore
Telephone: +65 8318.6631
Misc. Info: Good standard of teaching Carnatic Classical Violin and Vocal. Have trained students on violin in India, currently teaching in Singapore. As a performing artist, has widely accompanied for many concerts in India and Singapore.

Name: Mrs K V Godha
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Vocalist ( performer & Teacher)
Address: 30, Bayshore Road, The Bayshore Condominium Tower 2 A, #11-03, S-469974
Telephone: +65-98396410
Misc. Info: Website - www.shubharaagam.org Mrs Godha is the Founder & Artistic Director of her Music school 'Shubharaagam School of Music' Singapore and has been doing various Musical Events and projects to motivate young kids to learn Carnatic Music in Singapore. She has performed Carnatic Concert at the SIFAS Music & Dance Festival 2006 and regularly performs at all the prestigious Temple festivals in Singapore. Her recent Event - Collaboration with Lahari Singapore called 'Shubhalahari' brought lot of appreciations. Shubharaagam arranges workshops to help students appreciate classical as well other genre of Indian music. Godha also performs at various international events.

Name: Kamariah
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharatanatyam and Folk classes
Address: Tampines Changkat CC - 13 Tampines Street 11 S(529453)
Telephone: 83661631
Misc. Info: Darshan Fine Arts has been operating in Tampines Changkat CC since 2006 catering to children from 5 years old. Our structured syllabus comprises of both theory and practical lessons. Our students sit for annual examinations which are accredited by internationally acclaimed artistes. Besides providing a strong foundation in training, our students are also given several opportunities to apply what they have learnt in the classroom through in-house dance productions and programmes for the community.

Name: Mihir Kundu
E-Mail: [email protected].in
Field: Tabla
Address: Singapore
Misc. Info: I am a master Tabla teacher of Singapore Indian Fine Atrs Society since 2007. I am senior disciple of Tabla Maestro Pandit Sankha Chatterjee, Regular artist of All India radio and Door-Darshan Kolkata. Performed All over India and Abroad. Accompanied with Many International Legend vocalist as well as Instrumentalist.

Name: M.S. Srilakshmi
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Bharatanatyam Performer, Teacher and Choreographer.
Address: 02-03, The Floravale, 218, Westwood Avenue, Singapore- 648351
Telephone: (+65) 83215340
Misc. Info: Professional Bharatanatyam performer and teacher, having completed Vidwat in distinction. Performed more than 400 performances in India, Malaysia and Singapore. Practicing since 1980 ( over 30 Years). Student of Natyavisharade Smt. Narmada. Recepient of merit scholarship( senior level) from Ministry of Human Resource Development ( Department of Culture), Govt of India and state scholarship from Sangeetha Nruthya Academy, Govt of Karnataka, India for 2 years. Performed Solo performances from the National Tourism Board, India and Directorate of Kannada and Culture, Government of Karnataka and won 1ST PLACE in All India Music And Dance Competitions. Recipient of Aryabhata International Awards, India. Recipient of Nrithya Shiromani Award, India. Founder of Natyaranjini institution to Preserve and promote Classical Art forms.

Name: Rajalakshmy Mahesh
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: Block 32, Sturdee Road, 28-09, Kerrisdale, Singapore 207853
Telephone: +65 90609500
Misc. Info: Disciple of Smt. Tara Ramesh, Mumbai, Dr. Nityasree Mahadevan (renowned Vocalist, Chennai) and Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar, Chennai (Daughter in law and disciple of late Smt. D.K. Patammal). Hold a MAsters Degree in Music (M. Music) from Madras University and have offered regular performances in India and Singapore. Have good music teaching experience in India and have now started imparting lessons to few students in Singapore.

Name: Raka Maitra
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Odissi and Serraikella Chhau dancer
Address: 331 River valley rd. 09-03 Yongan Park Singapore238363
Telephone: 65-67328489
Misc. Info: learnt Odissi under the giudence of Padmashree Madhavi Mudgal at the Gandharva Mahavidyalay Delhi. Has also learnt Serraikella Chhau from Guru Shashadhar Acharya from the Triveni kala Sangam Delhi. Has performed in many prestigious festivals around the world. Teaching odissi at the eaching at "Dance On Us" 8 Claymore hill.

Name: Aravind Malur
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Flute
Telephone: 83582467
Address: Unit 03-102, Anchorvale Drive, Sengkang
Misc. Info: Have been practicing flute since 12 years. Have given few stage performances. I would like to teach students above 7years.

Name: Nawaz Mohammad Mirajkar
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Tabla
Address: Temple Of Fine Arts, Singapore 179805
Telephone: Singapore +65- 93802785 63390492 / 62535058 India 91-20-24484176
Misc. Info: Grandson of tabla maestro Ustad Mehboob Khan Mirajkar & son of Ustad Mohammad Hanif Mirajkar of Pune. Currently tabla teacher at Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore. 133 New Bridge Road,# B1-02 Chinatown point Podium -A Singapore-0594113

Name: Deepa Paliwal
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Hindustani classical vocal
Address: Add Choa Chu Kang Eve 4 680430
Telephone: 82572750
Misc. Info: Disciple of Prof, suresh gopla shreekhande(jaipur autroli ghrana).previously taught at SIFAS ( Singapore indian fine arts socity). M.A,M.PHILL in hindustani music. conducting home tutions in singapore.

Name: Parampara
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Sitar (Imdadkhani Gharana), Hindustani Classical Vocal (Patiala and Agra Gharanas)
Address: 5 Siglap Road, #21-44, Singapore
Telephone: +65 9232 0471
Misc. Info: Parampara promotes Indian Classical music in Singapore and teaches Hindustani Vocal and Sitar by reputed and experienced teachers at multiple locations in Singapore. Please visit the website http://www.parampara-sg for more details on class charges, schedules, locations and other information on Parampara.

Name: Ravindra Parchure
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Hindustani Classical vocalist
Address: Temple of Fine Arts
Telephone: +6598257994
Misc. Info: I am a Hindustani Classical Vocalist based in Singapore. I am working as a Hindustani Vocal Music Faculty in Temple of Fine Arts Singapore. I am trained under the guidance of pt Arun Kashalkar of Gwalior and agra gharana. Website - www.ravindraparchure.com

Name: Mahesh Parameswaran
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Mrudangam / Ghatom
Address: Block 32, Sturdee Road, 28-09, Kerrisdale, Singapore 207853
Telephone: +65 97299389
Misc. Info: A disciple of Bombay Shri K.B Ganesh and Guru Shri T.R.Sundaresan, I am a versatile percussionist, with proficiency in playing Mrudangam, Ghatom, Khanjira and electronic percussions. I hold the distinction of having a double "B-High" grade from All India Radio in both Mrudangam and Ghatom. Have been regularly performing on the concert stage for over ten years across sabhas and events in India and now in Singapore, and have had the privilege and opportunity of accompanying for number of distinguished Senior artistes. Have been an active part of some Thalavadya Kutcheri teams, Classical Music based Fusion bands and orchestral production groups.

Name: Paskaran
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira, Morsing, Latin, Western, African, Middle-Eastern Drums
Address: BLK 316#09-189 Sembawang Vista Singapore 750316 :
Telephone: 65-90270497
Misc. Info: My group Rhythm Masala has created a new Guinness World of Records for 50hrs of Non-stop Drumming Marathon at Durban South Africa in Yr 2004. Misc. Info: Rhythm Masala Music Studio located at 443 Sembawang Road Singapore 758402. Studio is sound proofed & fitted with high-end Amps, Guitars, PA System & Drums for band rehearsal. Teaching of Mridangam, Kanjira, Ghatam, African Djembe, Middle Eastern Darbuka & Western Drums is done in the Studio. Web Site: www.rhythm-masala.com Various Percussion Classes can also be conducted in our New Practice Studio which is located at BUKIT BATOK CC starting from Jan 2014.

Name: Prashantini
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Classical Dance, Bharatnatyam
Address: Hume Park2, 19, Hume Avenue, Bukit Timah, Singapore- 598727
Telephone: 6584334032
Misc. Info: Would like to learn as well as teach Bharathanatyam in Singapore. Have been learning bharathanatyam for 16 YEARS in India (Kalakshetra style). Would like to continue in Singapore too as a teacher and performer. Freelancing also interested.

Name: Sajeev Purushothama
E-Mail: [email protected].sg
Field: Kathakali -performer/teacher, Kalarippayatt.
Address: Practice performing Arts school-ttrp, # 02-08 stamford arts centre 155 waterloo street, Singapore- 189762.
Telephone: (65) 6338 5133 Fax: (65) 6337 4204
Misc. Info: Other Performing arts studies/practice researches and performances: Kalarippayatt, Kootiyattam, Noh Theatre- japan, Wayang wong- Indonesia Classes and Workshops: Kathakali, kalarippayatt , Healing Meditation, Body massage- Uzhichill. Please contact to the phone number or Email. Regards, sajeev purushothama.

Name: Lenin M R
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic vocalist
Address: 7, Race Course Lane, Singapore 218734
Telephone: Home 92725291
Misc. Info: www.prenavam.com

Name: N. R. Prashanth
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Vocal Music
Address: Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society 2A, Starlight Road, Singapore-217755
Telephone: 2950584, 2995929, 2995925
Misc. Info:

Name: Shruthi Raj
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic (South - Indian Classical) Music - Vocal
Address: Singapore
Misc. Info: Accomplished performer and experienced teacher; graded All India Radio artist; completed Vidwath with distinction. Carnatic vocal training available from basic to advanced levels in-person and online (Skype). Performances and lecture - demonstrations can be arranged. http://shruthiraj.wix.com/carnatic

Name: Mrs. Mythili Rajaraman
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: Block 124C, #02-219, Rivervale Drive, Sengkang. Singapore 543124
Telephone: 63856558, Hand phone - 90551194
Misc. Info: Excellent Teacher. Good Standard of music

Name: Dr. (Smt.) Siri Rama
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi dancer, choreographer and teacher
Address: 24 Jalan Lada Puteh Singapore 228936
Telephone: 65-6238-8706
Misc. Info: Dr. Siri Rama teaches Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi to students of all ages. http://www.kanakasabha.com/kanakasabha/index.jsp

Name: Sudamani Rengarajan
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Veena (South Indian Classical Instrument)
Address: Singapore
Telephone: +65 98572123
Misc. Info: Disciple of the great Veena Maestro Dr. Chittibabu. A qualified and experienced Veena teacher for all levels. Founded the "Guru Vandhana (The Music of Veena)" to develop the Veena instrumental music.

Name: Srikaanth S
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Carnatic Flute, Western Keyboard
Address: Bukit Batok, Little India
Telephone: 94810639
Misc. Info: Flautist, Keyboardist, Composer. Coached students and made them won many competitions in Flute. Have the patience to teach even small students and engage them in my compositions.

Name: Sakthi Fine Arts
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharatanatyam
Address: 10 Anson Road, #10-11 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Telephone: +65 - 9114 1134
Misc. Info: Sakthi Fine Arts is conducting Bharathanatyam classes in Woodlands & Sengkang for the kids from 5 years of age and for adults of all races. Our Structured syllabus comprises of both theory and practical lessons and personalized instruction helps the student to get strong foundation in Bharathanatyam. Our students sits for annual examination every year.

Name: M.S. Srilakshmi
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharatanatyam
Address: #5, Holland Hill, 01-03, Holland Hill Lodge, Singapore-278742
Telephone: (+65) 82248470
Misc. Info: Professional Bharatanatyam performer, teacher and Choreographer, having completed Vidwat in distinction. Performed more than 350 performances in India, Malaysia and Singapore. practicing since 1980 (31 Years). Student of Natyavisharade Smt. Narmada. Recepient of merit scholarship ( senior level) from Ministry of Human Resource Development ( Department of Culture), Govt of India and state scholarship from Sangeetha Nruthya Academy, Govt of Karnataka, India for 2 years. performed Solo performances from the National Tourism Board, India and Directorate of Kannada and Culture , Government of Karnataka and won 1St Place In All India Music And Dance Competitions and National Heritage Fest from National Heritage Board, Singapore. Rendered Natuvangam for many leading Classical dancers in India and Singapore . Trained students who have won 1st, 2nd and many prizes and awards at National level in Singapore.

Name: Mrs Divyasri S. A.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Violinist and Vocalist
Address: Hougang, Singapore
Telephone: 94205182
Misc. Info: Professional Violinist and Vocalist, teaching Violin and Vocal classes for all levels.

Name: Tanuja Sane
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Hindustani classical and semiclassical vocal
Address: 52 west coast crescent, #07-09 west Bay condo, singapore
Telephone: +6581895399, Land +65 64047939
Misc. Info: I have been learning classical vocal from since a very early age. I have had my initial training from late Shri Wamanrao Sadolikar and then from Mrs Manjiri Alegaokar both from jaipur Atrauli Gharana. For the past 15 years I have been learning nuances of classical music from my guru Mrs Anuradha Garud of Gwalior gharana. I m residing in Singapore since past 9 years and i conduct classes for adults as well as children.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Carnatic Vocal, Mridangam, Violin, Veena, Keyboard and Hindustani - Tabla; Bharathanatyam
Address: 42B Race Course Road, Singapore 218557.
Telephone: +65-98159646
Misc. Info: We are Singapore's premium institution specialising in carnatic music and Bharathanatyam. http://www.syama.org

Name: Neha Sahai
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Kathak dance teacher
Address: Euphony Gardens, Sembawang Road
Telephone: 92727385
Miscellaneous info: I am trained in Kathak dance from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, India, having learned this form of dance for five years. I conduct Kathak classes at home for children. Kids are taught every aspect of Kathak including footwork, movements and expressions. I charge a very reasonable fee. Please feel free to contact me.

Name: Adithya Sathyanarayana
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Violin, Vocal and Keyboard
Address: Singapore
Telephone: 9239 6633
Misc. Info: www.adityafinearts.webs.com ... Home tutions available for all age limits...

Name: Saravanan Sinniah
E-Mail: [email protected]gmail.com
Field: Basic Hindustani Vocals, Harmonium
Address: Bukit Batok, Singapore
Telephone: +65 83897181
Misc. Info: A passionate and diligent musician, keen in grooming other music aspirants to excel in and appreciate Indian classical music. Vocals disciple of Guru Smt. Meena Faterpekar of Kirana Gharana. Several years' experience in bhajan singing and harmonium playing. Students can learn 1) Basic Classical Vocals; 2) Harmonium Playing, for both accompaniment purposes and for self-assessment when practising vocals; 3) Understanding and application of western chords with harmonium playing (for almost any genre of Indian songs) Ages 10 and above welcome.

Name: Rubina Sudharman
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam
Address: Blk 582 #04-478 Woodlands dr 16 Singapore 730582
Telephone: 81867650
Misc. Info: Professional Bharatanatyam performer, teacher and Choreographer, completed Vidwat with 4th rank in Karnataka State. Teaching and performing since 1990. Student of B.R Tulasiram (Bharatanatyam). Learnt Mohiniattam under the tutelage of Kalamandalam Jayalaxmi (Calicut) Trained students who have won 1st, 2nd and many prizes and awards in Singapore. Choregraphed ballets" guru charitam" "sheela balikae". Writes articles for dance. Had the privilege to perform for Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, World Malayalee council, Indian council for cultural relations are to name a few. Conduct classes in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam in Singapore. Had the honor of Judging various competitions in India and Singapore.

Name: T.K. Saraswathy
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Indian Classical / Semi-Classical (Vocal Teacher)
Address: Block 62, Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #29-105 Singapore 310062
Telephone: HP: : +65 94568551
Misc. Info: Singapore's Upcoming Vocalist. A Dedicated & Sincere Vocal Music Teacher. Completed B.A. Music from Madras University. Currently, pursuing M.A in Indian Music. A disciple of Kalaimamani Prof. Smt. S. Rajeswari.

Name: Vinodhinee T
E-Mail: Vinodhinee[email protected].com
Field: Carnatic music, Slokas
Address: Bedok South Avenue 3, Singapore
Telephone: 65 8239 4948
Misc. Info: I am new to Singapore and plan to spread the Indian tradition far and wide. Hence I have taken this effort to take Carnatic music and Sloka classes.

Name: Uthyakumar (Shree Chakkraa kalaasaba of fine Art)
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field: Sanggetham (Indian Classical Carnatic Music), Veena, Thevaram, Bhajan and Song's. Also Hindusim, Purana and Ithikaasam, & Tamil Language Classes.
Address: KL, JB, and All over Singapore.
Telephone: +60129551440
Misc. Info: Classes is conducted in places Allover Malaysia and Singapore Inclusive of (1 to 1) private classes. Students will be given personal coaching and will be going thorugh basic process of examination, assignments to achieve needed quality and also will be given certificate upon every succesful completion. Hindusim classes conducted to enhance younger generation's knowledge in hindusim and Humanities. Self moral values and abundance of life values has been educated throughout our Purana and Ithikaasam teachings. This also helps to educate our younger generation on our own history and thus the culture is being protected.
Name: V.S. Hari
E-Mail: [email protected].sg
Field: Carnatic Vocal, Sampradhaya Bhajans, Hari Kathas.
Address: Bukit Batok
Telephone: +6586962823
Misc. Info: Disciple of Pandit Guru Charan (Hindustani Classical), Trained from Sri Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam Madurai, B.A. in Music Carnatic Vocal major. Individual and group classes available.

Name: Aparajitha Vaasudev
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharathanatyam - Kalakshethra style
Address: Block 3, Rochor Road, #16-622, Singapore - 181003
Telephone: +6596427247
Misc. Info: I have been a dancer for 12 years. I have completed my Arangetram and have done several performances around Karnataka in India. I have experience in tutoring young dancers as well. Please contact me if you need a dancer for any event or a teacher at a beginner's level.

Name: Pooja Vijayan
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Bharathanatyam and Mohiniattam
Address: 14 B hamilton road, lavender street singapore.
Misc. Info: Am a post graduate in Mohiniyattom dance from kerala kalamandalam and also holding double post graduate degree in Bharathanatyam dance from kalai kaviri college of fine arts Trichy, a regular stage performer and teacher.

Name: Divya Warrier
E-Mail: [email protected].com
Field: Classical dance (Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam)
Address: Redhill, Singapore
Telephone: 82556195
Misc. Info: Classical dance teacher, Performer and Choreographer. Can teach individual items for Classical dance and semi classical film songs for girls and ladies. Contact for details of classes, performances and workshops.

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