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General Considerations

EMAIL - I suggest that you have one email account for professional purposes and another for personal purposes use. Use your professional account here. Whenever you put your email address out in the public, you will get every spam, or scam out there. It is very regrettable, but we are powerless to stop this. At least by segregating your professional from your personal mail, it will make the job of managing your email easier.

MISC. INFO - This is a section where "less is more." No one wants to know every award you won or every program you have given. Just put the highlights.

Imagine that you are looking at your listing on a smartphone. If you can see your entire listing on the screen, you are in good shape. But as the user has to scroll up and down, all of this extra verbiage is starting to work against you.

CAPITALISATION - Be very judicious in the use of upper-case letters. The internet regards this as shouting. An injudicious use of upper-case letters is a certain way to drive off potential students or programme organisers.

ADDRESSES - It is difficult to say whether you should put your complete mailing address or just indicate what part of town you teach in. If you value your privacy, just indicate what part of town you are in. However, if your business goal is for maximum accessibility, then you should put your full address.




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